Scales & Modes for iPad App Reviews

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Great App

This is a great app, well worth the $2.99. The only suggestion that I have is that the frets should be numbered on the fretboard diagram. Aside from that, this is a great tool for any guitarist or pianist to learn scales.

Great app

I have to say, I am totally not disappointed. The interface is smooth and pretty but doesn't distract you from what you need to do: Learn Scales. The app has tons of scales in every key and you can easily change which key you want and which scale. It has a play feature that allows you to hear the scale played (in piano and guitar) and the root notes are highlighted to make it easier to get your bearings on the fretboard (the keyboard is easier for me). In addition to that, each scale you choose in whatever key gives you additional information such as the formula for the scale and chord progressions for that key (several, actually). If you want to learn your scales then you should definitely get this app. However, if you do not have some rudimentary understanding of music theory and the notes on a fretboard, you will find this app a bit confusing. There are no explanations.

HELP! — no sound!

Tantalizing, just what I want — EXCEPT the scales & modes don't make a sound. Anyone know how to fix this?

Where is the Melodic Minor Scale?

Did I miss it? If you’re the developer, can you tell me where it is? Thanks.

Theory for bass guitar

Finally, I've been looking for an app that works for my application. Being a bassist for over 40 years, it's great for educators of all kinds of instruments. A cool parchment paper look as well. Two thumbs up!


I tried this on my iPhone and iPad. There was no sound for either one -- and that was the main reason I got it. I tried updating my software, turning off and on, checking volume for other apps, and reinstalling. Still no volume. For me this was a disappointment and a a waste of money!

Very good

Needs melodic minor examples and a portrait/ landscape switch. Oyster than that, it's extremely helpful.

Add On fail

Got this app because it had the violin add on which is unavailable...not happy

Needs fingerings

The app would get higher number of stars if fingering was included.

Best Mode App I found

This was exactly what I was looking for. I splurged for the add-in also because I play mandolin. My only beef was this: how hard is it to draw in the fret lines on the violin and offer that in the add-in? A big help. Thanks

Very helpful

It's also been great to get away from tab and relearn the staff, pitch and scale at the same time. Worth it.

Needs fingering

This is a nice app. I would offer two suggestions. First, it needs fingering. This is very important to get right when playing a scale and even experienced players are not certain of the fingering in the more obscure scales. This could easily be added in the info screen. Second, the notational scale is ascending only. I would like to see it have the option for ascending and descending, so that sight reading the staff matched the tones. If it had fingering I would rate it 5 stars.

Also for violin

I was hours searching the web for a scale finder tool for violin, with no success. Found this by accident, as after I downloaded it, I discovered that for an add on purchase of 99c , it shows also the scales on the violin fingerboard or the bass (not mentioned by the developer). Great tool and pretty unique, although the sound emulation for the violin sounds rather like a muffled harmonium, but that does not really matter in the scheme of all things.

Music theory prof approves!

I have taught music theory for decades now, and this is the sweetest tool I've ever seen. All of my college theory students will now be required to get and use this app..... I love it. Concise, simple and surprisingly elegant in its design. For music theory, the scales and modes require endless repetition for mastery, and this app makes it easy and you can work on modes in your own privacy. Great app! Prof of Music, USU Eastern

Minor scales

Why is the melodic minor scale omitted?

Hardest thing in music to figure out

This is fabulous! I can listen a hundred times if I want to. I wish this had been available when I took my first music degree 44 years ago. Keep up the good work.

Very helpful

Very helpful information to have handy real quick. Being a musician I always need to brush up on the application of these scales and modes. It would be even more helpful to give audio examples or visual examples of chords or chord progressions these scales can be played over. Great app though!


This is a very good app. Very informative. As a teacher I would love to recommend it to my students, but it needs one improvement. Please add the chord that each scale is commonly used over. This will be invaluable to students studying jazz improvisation. Thanks for the great app.

Elegant and Useful

Elegantly straight forward and useful reference tool. Simple to use and well behaved.

Great app!

I had to write a review of this app to say it is fantastic and exactly what I was looking for. It lists the notes with the sharps or flats individually, it plays the notes for you and it lists the letters of the notes on top. It makes learning the entire range of scales easier for all musicians!! Great job!

Very helpful

This app is great for becoming acquainted with scales and modes in any key!

Needs a 5 string bass mode

This app needs a five string bass mode pls

Can get frustrating

The app is exactly what's advertised. My only gripe is that it seems to become unresponsive; I often need to tap the Play button (to hear the scales) and especially the Info button multiple times. This would get another star if that didn't get so frustrating so quickly.

Good starting point

Good theory which is what I was looking for BUT! Here are some suggestions... 1. Please fix all the grammar "baeacuase" is hard to understand. 2. Would be nice if you added appropriate chords for both piano and guitar. 3. Of course what everyone is talking about the wheel of fifths and fourths... That's it! Looking forward to an update.

Latest version crashes on iPad

This is a nice simple program with scales and modes including some information about each type of scale/mode. This new updated added descending scales however that option causes this app to crash on the iPad. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.

just scales

This app plays scales in different keys and different modes. No chords, no explanation, nothing else. I wouldn't pay even a dollar for it.

It's what the iPad is best at: an enriched learning experience

To a practicing musician - or a student - this app brings complex subtleties of a myriad of scales and modes to life... And ultimately should serve as an indispensable tool. Nice aesthetics, too. For me as a guitarist, I love having illustrations of scales, fret to fret, across all six strings. The visualization is really helpful.

Very nice!

I have very little musical skill, but a great passion for music. So this is perfect for me. you can listen to the scales in the key that You choose. Then after you have listened to the scale, you can touch the info button and then find out a little history on that scale. I even found the info on the scales to be well written and quite entertaining. I highly recommend it! One thing that would be a nice addition, would be to have the wonderful parchment pages turn more realistically. Like Apple has done with the iBooks, it would just be a nice touch.

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